Gerding International

A Life Worth Living

By Jordan Gerding

You may have noticed now that each piece I am singing off with “To a life worth living.”

While that is not something that anyone who is around me much hears, it is the drumbeat behind my thoughts, my actions, and my worldview.

What is a life worth living?

The journey to discovering this really started when I was a teenager and read John Eldregde’s book Wild at Heart. In it he lines out that the biblical vantage point of a man is not being the nice guys who has his life in perfect order and looks a lot like Ned Flanders. Instead, he shows how man portrays God in the three core aspects of their longings: An adventure to live, a battle to fight, and a beauty to rescue; and he also discusses that everyone has core woundings that hinder them and make them want to hold back from pursuing their dreams.

His words hit home in a deep way, and I very quickly began getting ahold of and reading any book of his that I could, and within most of his books the he wrote somewhere, “The world needs more people who are fully alive.”

Those words were in the context of most people just focusing on getting by and ignoring their heart passions and desire to do something meaningful in the world. Instead, they get stuck behind a desk doing some job they hate but are afraid to leave because of the uncertainty of income, benefits, ect.

For me those words have morphed into the question of, “What is a life worth living?”

There can be no doubt that when a person is living a life worth living, they are filled with joy and get great pleasure out what they are choosing to spend their time on.

What is a life worth living?

It pushes me.

It drives me.

It sits in the back of brain reminding me that I have one life, and am I living it in a way that makes me want to keep living it.

The band Switchfoot has taken up the place of “favorite band” in my heart because so many of their songs touch on this if not outright address it. Songs such as:

Meant to Live– “We were meant to live for so much more./Have we lost ourselves?

Dare You to Move – Dare you to move./Dare you to move./Dare you to live just a bump off the floor… Dare you to live like today never happened before.

Burn Out Bright – If time was never on our side/(Time was never on our side)/Then before I die I want to burn out bright.

Live It Well – Life is short. I want to live it well/One life, one story to tell. Life is short. I want to live it well/And you’re the one I’m living for./Awaken of my soul!/Every breath that you take is a miracle!

Those are just blurbs from the chorus of each song, and those are only a handful out of the sea you could pull from in their work.

Personally, Live It Well has become the song that I would run as the theme song for my life. It echoes so clearly the desire of my heart to make my life count, to not forget that each day means something, and that even though I am only one person, I can still do something that will impact others.

It starts with an admission of being worn down and broken with an appeal for help to make their life beautiful. Then it moves to onto a desire to live with a view beyond just surviving to a funeral, willing to make mistakes and fail rather than hold back. It finishes in the bridge by settling that even though a person is a singular entity, they have their life made with their love, their voice, their heart, and their hands to use in a pursuit of a life well lived. I would encourage you to listen to it. It is a beautifully written piece.

I have taken those words of “a life worth living” so deeply, that it has become the focus of the career I have chosen to pursue. As a life and business coach, my whole aim is to help people first understand who they are and become unashamed of their innate wiring and strengths. Inevitably, there is a journey that must be walked from their current life and one where they are living fully as themselves. 

I believe that is a lifelong journey, but I love walking with people as they choose to start out on that quest or begin the next leg of the adventure. I enjoy being a fellow journeyman who has walked that initial piece of the road already and can be a guide, ready to help them get along that stretch of life as quickly and smoothly as possible.

May you be moved to find a life worth living.