A Life Worth Living

You may have noticed now that each piece I am singing off with “To a life worth living.” While that is not something that anyone who is around me much hears, it is the drumbeat behind my thoughts, my actions, and my worldview.

Taking Off the Armor

About a year ago I got to have a revealing conversation with my dad. We were on a family vacation in Mexico, and I had recently brought up my desire to transition out of the company and into a new career. During that time, I got to process through the why with my mom and […]

Like Father Like Son

My dad and I are so similar, it is shockingly surprising at times, and it seems as the years go on, the similarities continue to grow. How we communicate, down to words, phrases, and hand gesture, is near identical. People have always made the comments about how much I look like my dad, since I […]