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Business stress and anxiety bleeding into your home life? Personal issues and frustrations bogging down your career? Let me use the experience I gained surviving a taxing job and failing marriage to help you through your swirling tempest of problems.

About Jordan

In starting his own company, Jordan is now a fourth-generation business owner in his family. He takes great pride in the legacy of his family in business that focuses on valuing relationships, honesty, integrity, character, and leveraging resources to help those who cannot help themselves.

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Jordan explores what it means to have a life worth living, lessons on finding breakthrough through real life experiences, and tools to help you better understand yourself and others to create more meaningful relationships.


Do you feel like you are pushing forward in a business or career that devalues areas you excel in or
overemphasizes areas where you do not thrive? Is your stress and anxiety piling up and spilling over?
What would you do to gain clarity and direction to help you find peace and acceptance of who you are?
Take a look at how Jordan can help you find that breakthrough.